Lantern Making


The tissue paper bowls are a nice lantern for kids to make. My three year old needed some help holding the balloon, and finishing off the layers after she moved on. All you need is a regular-sized balloon, glue and water mixed 1/2 and 1/2, a paintbrush, tissue paper, string and a couple of tea lights.

To make it, glue on four or more layers (the more layers, the stronger) of pieces of tissue paper. It’s okay if the tissue paper gets wrinkly from the glue, it will look great when it’s lit up.

Leave the tied side of the balloon uncovered, and rest that side of the balloon in a small bowl so that you can keep your arms free.

To get more “glow” stick with white or yellow coloured tissue paper and add colours only in the final layer.

Once your tissue paper has dried, pop the balloon and carefully peel it away from the tissue paper bowl, reforming the bowl as needed. Trim the tissue paper back to make sure there’s lots of room for you to place lit tea lights into the “bowl”.

Carefully puncture three holes near the bowl edge and thread three pieces of string through (I used kitchen string), tying them together at the top. You can use this string as a handle, or tie this string to a stick.

Light one, two or three tea lights and carefully place them in the bowl. Turn off the lights, or better yet, go outside into the night, and enjoy!

– Sarah Anderson

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