Giant Brushes and Pots of Glue

There were five women gathered at Sarah’s dining room table.  We were friends and neighbours in the Mount-Hope Breithaupt area, near Weber.   I was one of them.   I headed over there at 8:00 pm, a week ago.  The idea was to cover up balloons with swathes of tissue paper, dry them out, trim them up a bit, and turn them into enchanting lanterns.   Our plan was to get ready for the lantern walk.

“Who’s going to have wine?” Julian asked.  It did not take long in the evening before the jokes piled up in hilarity. It could be we’d all been instantly bewitched by the smell of the glue.  I applied the fun glue liberally to every part of the balloon in my hands, starting with shredded turquoise blue tissue ribbons to resemble, I thought, the earth viewed from far away.  Luiza’s stories about the effect of Elf on the Shelf on her children had me laughing a whole lot while I created my sopping wet earth balloon.

It was hard to imagine, laughing away with the glue on my hands (my fingertips had turned a vivid turquoise blue by this point) , that the wet glue and soaked tissue paper that we had encased the balloons in would transform into magical storybook lanterns.  Sarah assured us with the steadying words of experience this would, in fact, happen.

To prove the point, she showed us a flickr photo of some lanterns that children had made. There they are!  On the sticks! Looking beautiful!  And they are not even lit yet! Here’s our finished product and instructions on how to make them. The light in the round shapes throwing a glow-like effect in the dark can be as stunning as stained glass.  That’s the whole idea.

– Christa Van Daele

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