What kind of lantern should I bring?

Last year, we had a small neighbourhood lantern walk, on a night that was crystal cold.  There were some gorgeous homemade lanterns then, which seemed to me like fairy tale creations in the dark as we all moved slowly down the street, getting to know each other.   There was wind and ice, all of it guaranteed to make you feel fully Canadian, braving the elements in the days before Christmas.  There were friends I knew, and people I enjoyed meeting for the first time in the indoor gathering afterwards.  How often do we move around in the poetry of our lives in this way, in the wintery dark, with our families and friends?

There are lots of ways to think about a lantern walk, and I’m learning that basic lanterns are welcome too. Your lantern does not need to be a fairy tale creation.  Lots of folks simply carry the lanterns they have around the house, whether of humble Canadian Tire origin or something fancier from Lee Valley.  I myself carried a brass lantern stamped with the word Dietz on it, a friendly old lantern that our family has taken pretty well everywhere.

If you do want to  get creative with your lanterns, sign up for one of our lantern-making workshops on the morning of December 21st where we’ll be making classic paper lanterns and cloth and stick creations.

– Christa Van Daele

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