Share the Warmth

There will be a table ready on Hett Avenue, all ready for your lightly used coats, scarves, and boots – all items of clothing that we can bring with us as we gather for the neighbourhood Lantern Walk.  Our own bundling up for the weather in anticipation of our walk on the 21 of December will remind us that these warm clothes are welcome.   “You can bring children’s clothes too,” said the person who answered the phone for Salvation Army when I called on behalf of the Lantern Walk  to find out more. “They are really appreciated.”

So bring those kids’ boots and coats if you have them, especially if you think another child can still get good wear out of them.  Just pile them up on the table when you arrive.

Share the Warmth is a project that has been running in the community for some time.  A person who wants to pick up a coat or boots this winter may be on ODSP.  They may be in a minimum wage job.   They may be a refugee family who has heard about the program through the network of agencies and word of mouth in the community.  After the Lantern Walk, one of us in the organizing group will take the clothing and boots down to the Salvation Army’s 300 Gage Avenue, where the items will be sorted and put on racks.

If you have questions about this, contact the Lantern Walk volunteers.

– Christa Van Daele

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