German connections, a great article, and more

Here’s a few things we’ve been working on behind the scenes:

:: Last Thursday’s meeting with neighbours and lantern walk friends, making our to-do lists over baked apples, cider and wine.

:: At the meeting Jana told us about the St. Martin lantern walks she joined as a child each year in Germany. She’s going to try to translate some of the lantern songs from those walks so we can sing some at our walk.

:: A lovely article by Martin de Groot in the Record about the lantern walk and lantern making workshop

:: Sarah Granskou told me about her idea for making lanterns with mason jars and wool roving. Her lanterns last year were stunning! Bring a wide mouth mason jar to the workshop if you have one.

:: Mount Hope Breithaupt Neighbourhood Association, Extend-a-Family and Cocoon Apothecary offered to pitch in funding towards the artist fees at the lantern-making workshop. We’re thankful for their generous support.

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