A singing group of ten

The lantern parade in Ann Sophie Peterson’s turn of the century painting speaks of a serene harmony in light and darkness. Her home was Denmark. What a sense of place the gift of this painting is to us in late 2015!

People are mingled on the streetscape in peaceful ways, celebrating a special quality of light through the craft and ingenuity of their lanterns, often shaped at the kitchen table. Children of all ages mingle with the adults in a common procession and purpose. And the lanterns hover in the night. If you have parents or grandparents from Europe, they may have told you of such events, sometimes associated with St Martin’s Day, in November.

Choir practice 2015

Music speaks a similar language of light in darkness. This year, a singing group of ten people—friends, friends of friends, and “just people from all around”, according to Kari Kokko, the director of the choir—will gather at the Wilhelm Spur Line to help lead neighbours, friends, and folks of all ages to welcome in the dark in this season. Solstice songs, seasonal Christmas material, a beautiful Gregorian chant, and even a Gordon Lightfoot tune are planned for the special leisurely walk along the trail.

outdoor choir practice 2015

I am one of those singers, and have found the magic of walking with others while singing in the fresh air near Kari’s house a unique experience. “When harmonies fully come together… when it all just gels.. That’s a wonderful thing, “comments Kari, reflecting on her favourite experience in leading the group.

I agree. I look forward to faces old and new, as we explore together the sections of the trail that have recently been opened up in our community. Thanks to Sarah, Julian, Lane, Jana, Andrea and their many neighbours for leading the way!

~ Christa Van Daele


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